Arty Need is one part Johnny Carson, one part Space Ghost, two parts vermouth. For this late night talk show host, time has stood still. It’s as if Howdy Doody hijacked Joe Franklin’s set.

What separates Arty’s show from the others is one small detail; he, and the entire  cast are 18 inch tall marionettes.  Everything is scaled down except the laughs, as you’ll see when Arty rips into his sidekick Mac Wednesday (a babbling walrus who enjoys a dirty joke and an even dirtier martini) about his embarrassing career in children’s television.

This isn’t the usual late night host pandering to bored celebrities. In Arty’s unscripted interviews he does impressions of his guests, rattles off entire careers in 10 seconds via his “rapid fire resume” and even dares to ask the tough questions like “how was the craft service on that movie?”

Guests often bring clips of their current projects but Arty usually wants to show scenes of his own, like his work as an extra in The Dark Crystal or vacation slides of his sex crazed, world traveling pet monkey, Cheese.

So, if you want to see a walrus tell the world’s dirtiest joke, a monkey entering a seedy Manhattan strip club, or your favorite entertainers in the most surreal interview of their lives, watch The Arty Need Show, where the only thing real are the guests.